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Destination Freedom group in San Cristobal de las Casas

Traveling Without Assumptions

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The ability to accept that all countries and all people are equal is a vital aspect of living in other countries. It’s traveling without assumptions. We are all of us human beings, and just because one country has gone a certain direction socially while another country has gone somewhere else does not make one of those countries inferior to the other. Yes, there are still crimes against humanity to consider, and there are certainly countries with human rights issues that are frowned upon by the global community, but that’s the important thing to remember: we are a global community, not merely “My Country versus Everyone Else”. There is no one country that has the right to dictate terms and policy to the rest of the world.

Just because you can legally drink a beer at the age of 14 in Bulgaria, marry at the age of puberty in Sudan, smoke pot legally in Amsterdam, carry cocaine on you legally in Mexico or have multiple wives in Islamic nations, does not make any of these countries inferior or superior to another. They have merely gone a different evolutionary path on the social scale, and just as much as black skin is no different than white skin or worshiping Jesus is no different than worshiping Allah. The countries that you choose to live in are full of other human beings, just like you and I, equally deserving of respect. Read More

Melnik, Bulgaria

Five Reasons to Live Abroad

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For many people, the glamour of travel is that it is the chance to explore new destinations and experience new cultures and places that allow them the opportunity to step out of the 9-to-5 routine work grind and enjoy a little downtime for a couple of weeks. Some prefer hiking mountains and volcanoes, while others enjoy lounging on the beach, kayaking down a river somewhere or enjoying a 5-star stay in a world-class destination like Paris or Rome.

For these folks, vacation is as close as they think they will ever come to experiencing “the good life”. But if you are one of those who, like me, want to enjoy “the good life” on a regular basis, there are numerous reasons why you choose to live in a foreign country and city for prolonged periods of time. It’s actually quite difficult to narrow the list down to just a few, but for the sake of space (and your eyes!) I have chosen what I think are the top five reasons people should choose to live abroad. Read More

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Cost of Living in Cancun, Mexico

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While it’s covered in greater detail within our Cancun travel guide, it’s a question that comes up on a regular basis at our social media outlets as well as in emails. How much does it cost to live in Cancun?

The answer always surprises people, because many of them just don’t realize how cheap you can get by when living in Mexico, much less have access to the exact same amenities and creature comforts  you have while living in a so-called “developed” country where the costs are four and five times or beyond.

But don’t take my word for it. Read on to find out just exactly how cheap it is to live in Cancun, and how Cris and I manage to keep ourselves living the good life without spending out of our noses. All costs are as of 2016. Read More

Bram from Travel - Experience - Live

The Secret of My Success – Travel, Experience, Live

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Everyone has an origin story, a birthplace. Somewhere where the journey started, where the lure of the open road first tugged at the heart strings. A place that defined the rest of your life with a single epiphany: the world beyond the horizon is the world that you must see.

These are the hidden stories, the behind-the-scenes tales of expats living in other countries without the limelight of professional travel blogging or being part of the travel celebrity scene. These are the ordinary, average people just like everyone else in the world, and these are their Secrets Of Success.

The latest addition to the fold is Bram from Travel – Experience – Live. I’ll let him tell his story below. Enjoy! Read More

Cristina Barrios

Viajes Con Cristina en Cancun

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Hola a todos! Este es mi primer artículo para Marginal Boundaries, y estoy aquí para presentar mi serie  de YouTube, Viajes con Cristina! Los videos estamos filmadondo en localidades y alrededor de las áreas en las que está de viaje y / o viviendo. Al escribir estas líneas, estamos ubicados fuera de Cancún, México, por lo que los últimos videos son filmados en localidades y alrededor de la Riviera Maya. Siga leyendo para conocer más! Read More