Exploring Mexico 2017 – May Edition

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Exploring Mexico - May Edition

Is it really already time for the May edition of this series? Time truly does fly when you’re having fun…

Last month saw us mostly buckled down ahead of our appearance at the TBEX North America convention in Huntsville, Alabama where we were on-site presenting on brand building & marketing via social media, but Cris and I still managed to get some local exploration done while we were out and about. Let’s recap!

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More Street Art in Cancun

We’ve done some initial filming for the second part in our Street Art in Cancun series. There’s a few more murals we want to get shots of over the coming weeks as we have spare time, and we’re hoping that we can get the second video up for you guys by the end of May. In the meantime, this most recent set of photos we took was from up north along Avenida Bonampak, towards Lopez Portillo.

alien face mural in Cancun gumball machine mural in Cancun street art in Cancun, alleyway

Sunrise at Playa las Perlas

Playa las Perlas has rapidly become one of our favorite beaches in Cancun along our 2-3 times weekly bike route. We’ve been heading out in the early morning hours before it gets too hot. It’s the first beach on our route, and now that they’ve cleaned it up, it’s a nice waypoint for our exploration deeper into the Hotel Zone on the mornings when we’re feeling up to it.

We got lucky on one of our trips around Easter time, and caught a local baptism taking place at sunrise out over the beach. Spectacular.

sunrise + bikes at Playa las Perlas baptism on the beach in cancun

Kite Building at Playa Langosta


Cris keeps her eyes peeled for local events here in Cancun, and she let me know that one of the local school organizations was putting together a kite-building festival on the beach for some of the local kids and families.

We had the time, so we headed out to see what kind of pictures and videos we could get. Fairly low-ley event, with fun for all ages. We saw everyone from five year olds up to 80 year olds out there on the beach building and flying kites and having fun. Age is no limit!

Also, I hadn’t seen anyone flying a kite in probably over a decade, so it was a pretty sweet day!
flying kites on the beach kids flying kites Cris helping a girl with her kite everyone's a winner!

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