Everything Cris and I do is related to immersion travel. That is, staying long enough in a single place to immerse ourselves in the culture, the environment, the people, and the language. We aren’t backpackers. We are slow travelers.

Marginal Boundaries started in 2011. Since then, we’ve expanded. As of this writing, we have five publications available to help guide you on your path of global understanding and adventure, starting with our best-selling Expat Guidebook. All publications are digital, through Gumroad & PayPal. Simply click an image below to head to the landing page for the book!

The Expat Guidebook

2000+ copies sold

live like a local in Cancun

Our #1 Best-Seller

The foodie's guide to cancun

Forthcoming 2017

Content Writing 101    Beyond Borders - The Social Revolution