Exploring Mexico 2017 – February Edition

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Exploring Mexico, February 2017

Welcome to the February edition of Exploring Mexico! It was a craaaaazy busy month including a visit from my best friend who I hadn’t seen in nearly a decade, and we had the pleasure of taking them up to see Chichen Itza while they were in town!

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Market 28 in Cancun

First up is Market 28 in downtown Cancun. To be honest, we don’t go here on our own; only when we have friends who are in town who want to visit, or when Cristina is running one of her walking tours as a side business from the Airbnb. We had a couple in town with us for a week or so while they were on their first major trip together, along with taking them to the beaches of the city and helping them organize a tour out to Chichen Itza.

It’s as touristy as they come, but if you dig deep you can find some good, honest merchants and some nice hand-crafted goods.

ice cream at Market 28 pottery at the market beer holsters in Market 28

Ruinas del Rey, Cancun

We’ve been here now for seven years and have never visited the ruins that are in the heart of the Hotel Zone. What’s up with that?

Short version is that it’s not promoted by anyone because the tour companies can’t make money on it as it is right out the front door of most hotels. Consequently, we never felt compelled to go.

We went with another one of our Airbnb guests (Joris, the boat captain who stayed with us for around two months looking for work) early on a Sunday morning. Totally worth it.

Ruinas del Rey, Cancun Cris and Joris at the ruins Me and Cris at the Ruins of the King cris looking up into the trees

Downtown Cancun & Daily Life

Say what? Why take pictures of the area around where you live? Why photos of your daily life?

Practice makes perfect, they say. We love documenting everything, from cigars brought back from Cuba by some of our guests, to random cats and street art and restaurants that we visit but don’t cover for The Foodie’s Guide to Cancun.

street art on Avenida Palenque in Cancun Cris at El Tigre y Toro Cigars from Cuba street cat in Cancun

Chichen Itza & Valladolid Day Trip

Another place that we have been to enough times we never go on our own, but this was a special case. One of my oldest friends, and the person I consider to be my mentor who guided me through my 20s into adulthood (and consequently the same person who inspired me to go full-on into D&D and beyond; read that blog post over at the Saga of Lucimia site), came into town with his wife, and we hadn’t seen each other since 2007 (ten years ago!).

They wanted to get off the resort for a day and chose Chichen Itza, so we hopped in the car and took them out for the day, Tim & Cris style. Which means we totally had to stop in Valladolid for cochinita pibil and longaniza de Valladolid at the Meson de Marquis, hands-down one of our favorite restaurants in the entire Yucatan and a place we’ve talked about in multiple posts and social media blasts over the years.

El Castillo at Chichen Itza Tim at the Chichen Itza market Great Pyramid at Chichen Itza Valladolid, Mexico

Stay tuned! We just hit up Tulum and Akumal yesterday with a friend who had never been, and we’ve got other trips coming up throughout February that will show up in the March edition!

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