Beyond Borders - The Social Revolution

 Lee from over at Travel and Thrive had this to say: 

Beyond Borders summarizes what is going on in the world both financially and socially by covering everything from the transfer of wealth that is occurring throughout the world to the shifts in money making opportunities to the potential realities that could come about from such changes, both positive and negative. Tim explains what the changes are, the new realities that are coming or are already here and the ways that anyone can create their own life of freedom in the process. His voice is blunt and straight forward, and chalked full of experience from having achieved his own life of freedom. (Seriously, I was getting a little giddy reading it myself, and getting fired up to move back abroad. Soon, I realized, it was because I had yet to find someone who encapsulated so well everything that is currently occurring worldwide and who translates that directly to the situation of any individual.)

He also lays out specific steps and methods to starting up your life abroad, from creating various sources of income to settling into new cultures. His experience melding into new cultures and dealing with all of the “strings attached” to a new life abroad, have been well translated directly on to the pages of this book.

His advice pays close attention to the initial steps and how to reach a nice starting level of freedom. Too many publications I have seen seem to start out at economic levels and opportunities which are out of the reach of the majority of the population. Those publications serve a great purpose, but discriminate against a huge segment of people. “Beyond Borders” closes that gap perfectly, and can eventually, with the application of the methods taught, help you reach those higher economic plateaus later on down the road.

This book will better prepare you for living abroad. This book will help you create the vehicles for your freedom. Get this book to begin a  new lifestyle and a new way of living.


We are living in a time of change

Social evolution is driven by the evolution of technology. With freedom of information comes the desire of people around the world to work together for the common good of man. Everything is freely shared in the modern era. Despite the fact that China blocks numerous social sites such as YouTube and Facebook, there are still Chinese people using VPNs and workarounds to access the global network. When the U.S. government tried to enact SOPA in 2012, the resounding “hell no!” from the vast majority of companies and people around the English-speaking world shot it down.

We have come too far to go back now

The old ways are gone, remnants of the past. We have crested the waves leading up to the end of 2012’s cycle, broken past the surge. Everything from here on forward is the wide open ocean, uncharted, unexplored and ripe with opportunities.

We no longer need to jump through society’s hoops to achieve success. The concept of 40 hour work weeks is a thing of the past as people create their own realities online. Coming into the office is an old-fashioned concept as more and more people transition into digital space, moving their jobs to an online location where they can work from anywhere in the world.

Local is dead, a rusty old remnant of a bygone era

The entire world is your Home. Every corner of its surface is your backyard, your neighborhood, your stomping grounds. If you want to work with someone with experience in a certain field, you don’t just look in your local newspaper, which are dying out in favor of online versions, or even on a local or national job forum. Instead, you go to the ‘net, where you can find people with qualifications from all around the world. There’s no reason to hire someone just because they happen to live in the same area as you when you can find someone with just as good if not better than credentials who lives on the other side of the planet.

Controlled information is a tyrannical system of yesteryear. Knowledge is power, and for thousands of years as we went through humanity’s Dark Ages, only a select few had access to that knowledge, and they guarded it with all the might and power of governments and religions around the world. Now, as we move into The Golden Age, the New Cycle, the 1,000 Years Peace, the Heaven on Earth, everyone has access to the same information on a global scale. Social media, the Wiki, Google and beyond, have changed the way the world operates.

The Great Change that was talked about for thousands of years has come about. We are living in amazing times! The time for fear is past, because we now know exactly what lies before us: unlimited potential. In the words of Carl Sagan, “We are The Universe experiencing itself.”

The Universe is infinite in possibilities. So are we. We already know, from a scientific standpoint, that our bodies are made up of the exact same materials that make up The Universe. The Golden Ratio. The repeating cycle of spirals, from galaxies to the atoms within our bodies, infinitely repeating in both directions. “We are the cosmos made conscious and life is the means by which the universe understands itself.” – Brian Cox.

This is not myth. It is not religious mumbo-jumbo. This is pure, scientific fact. Newtonian physics are no longer relevant as modern science now understands how The Universe is truly working. With our advancements in technology and science, we have pulled back the veil, found the singular fingerprint of The All, and we know without a single drop of doubt that we are all of us interconnected and part of the same source, teeming with the same infinite possibilities.

Capitalism, selfishness, the concept of “me” or “I”, is fading. Social media and global Internet has allowed everyone, from every corner of the globe, to achieve the same possibilities. There is no restricted access. No more gatekeepers. The media can no longer twist the facts for the purposes of government propaganda, because now the people have access to a global pool of citizen reporters with blogs and cameras and cell phones and private networks and instant sharing and global communication, realizing in real-time the facts of happenings around the world.

No longer are a select group of 1%ers huddled in a bunker somewhere reaping the benefits of a slave race of 99%ers. Social media and freedom of information has allowed anyone in the world the opportunity to freely educate themselves, to work outside the system, break away from credit and banking and the lies and the control of The Matrix.

We have awakened the entire planet, and the time ahead of us is filled with unlimited potential and infinite possibilities as the combined focus of the entire population focuses on moving humanity forward into a sustainable global consciousness focused on living in harmony with everything in The Universe, not just on our own little spaceship rocketing through the cosmos, but also with everything beyond that we have yet to even dream about with our physical manifestations.

We have become truly free in every sense of the word, and we are not going back

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Beyond Borders - The Social Revolution

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