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Anglo-Italian 2

The Secret of My Success – Angloitalian, Follow Us!

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Everyone has an origin story, a birthplace. Somewhere where the journey started, where the lure of the open road first tugged at the heart strings. A place that defined the rest of your life with a single epiphany: the world beyond the horizon is the world that you must see.

These are the hidden stories, the behind-the-scenes tales of expats living in other countries without the limelight of professional travel blogging or being part of the travel celebrity scene. These are the ordinary, average people just like everyone else in the world, and these are their Secrets Of Success.

The latest addition to the fold is the Anglo-Italian couple Dale and Franca. I’ll let them tell their story below. Enjoy! Read More

Planet Earth

Five Things I’ve Learned After Six Years Of Immersion Travel

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Last week Cris and I had a several-hours-long conversation with Jason Sugar from Breakthrough Adventures. He had just arrived in Mexico to begin the start of his new journey (we had previously been apartment hunting for him at Isla Mujeres) and we were talking about life, travel, experiences, teaching others, life coaching and the various things we’ve learned along the way.

During the course of the conversation we touched upon some of the things that travel and a life of location independence has introduced into our lives. Things which, had we stayed at home and remained locked in a life of wage slavery and suburbia, we never would have had the opportunity to experience. I truly believe that travel unlocks your destiny and allows you to achieve the heights of what it is that you are supposed to be doing while on Planet Earth, so without further ado here are some of what I consider to be the most important lessons I’ve learned after six years of location independence and immersion travel. Read More

Cristina Barrios

Travels With Cristina in Cancun

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The latest production from Marginal Boundaries features Cristina Barrios as the presenter of our new YouTube series called “Viajes Con Cristina”, or “Travels with Cristina”. The videos are shot on location in and around the areas where we are traveling and/or living. As of this writing, we are based out of Cancun, Mexico, so the latest videos are shot on location in and around The Riviera Maya.

The first video in the series took place at Market 28 here in the downtown/centro area of mainland Cancun. It’s a tourist market, but while the food prices might be a bit high and the vendors a bit aggressive towards foreigners trying to get them to buy trinkets and souvenirs, it’s also a great place to get extremely well-priced silver and jewelry, as well as clothing, bracelets, hand-crafted Maya goods from local Mayas, hammocks and more. Read on for more!  Read More

10 Steps

10 Steps To Brand Domination

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Regardless if you are a travel blogger or a lifestyle blogger, and no matter if you work in English or another language, there’s a certain set of rules to follow if you want to ensure your global dominance as a brand. Devlin from 1 Life 2 Bags and myself recently put together the first Marginal Boundaries infographic covering the top 10 steps to brand domination to help you get your business on track with a global audience. Read through the expanded version of the steps here, and find the infographic at the bottom.  Read More


How To Find An Apartment in Cancun

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I’ve been calling Cancun home since September of 2010, using it as a base of operations for other travels, such as my trip to Bogota, Colombia and my explorations in and around Mexico. In that time, I’ve learned to speak Spanish reasonably fluently, I’m a permanent resident, I got married, and we’ve kept our living expenses under $12,000 a year. That includes groceries, Internet, utilities and, most important, our apartment rental.

How do we manage to live so affordable in a city known for Spring Break, its decadence, all-inclusive resorts and vacation rentals that regularly cost foreigners and tourist visitors $3,000 a month or more? By living like a local and knowing how to navigate the minefield. Every month I receive the same question over and over from readers: “How do I find a cheap apartment in Cancun?”  Read on for the full details. All costs are valid as of 2016. Read More