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Hiking to Milanovo, Bulgaria

A Hiking Trip to Milanovo, Bulgaria

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A little-known town in the hills outside of Sofia, only accessible by a winding single-lane paved road that carves its way up through the hills in a series of switchbacks, or by hiking up a similar type of trail through the forest, Milanovo is one of those little places you only uncover by going off the beaten path. I was reminded the other day when I was reading some posts from over at Wandering Earl’s website of the beauty of Bulgaria, and some of the little things I miss after being away for a few years. Read More

Moving to Cancun, Mexico

Moving To Cancun, Mexico

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It’s one thing to visit Cancun, Mexico while on a vacation, for Spring Break, or even for a staycation or gap year. But it’s something else to live here, on the ground, with a residency visa and all the rights that come along with it, like free entrance to museums and national parks, as well as the right to open up a bank account – something tourists can’t do. But before you make the move, there’s a few things you should know about living in Cancun long-term, so that you can plan your move and avoid any hair-pulling moments.  Read More

Renting Apartments In Cancun

Renting Apartments In Cancun

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When it comes to living in Cancun there are a variety of options as far as accommodations go. You can choose to go as high-end as you want, living the high life in the all-inclusive accommodations and resorts that line the beaches of the Riviera Maya. Or, you can opt to live a more frugal lifestyle like the average Mexican, renting fully-furnished apartments for a middle-class rate. Read More

Living In Cancun, Mexico

Secrets To Living In Cancun

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From the white sandy beaches and the turquoise waters to the hedonism of Spring Break, Cancun is known around the world as the number one coastal destination in Mexico, and one of the most popular beach destinations on the planet. And while most people only come here for vacation, some of us choose to live here full-time. If you think you have what it takes to make this Mexican paradise your home, read on. Read More

Cost of Living Cancun 2014

Cost of Living In Cancun 2014 Edition

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Every year, we like to include an updated version of our spend while living in Cancun. It helps to keep in mind that compared to the average Mexican we are living above the “average” cost of living, but if you are comparing against the majority of the United States and Canada, this Mexican paradise still takes the cake as being one of the world’s cheapest destinations while still having access to modern amenities and infrastructure.  Read More