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Cost of Living Cancun 2014

Cost of Living In Cancun 2014 Edition

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Every year, we like to include an updated version of our spend while living in Cancun. It helps to keep in mind that compared to the average Mexican we are living above the “average” cost of living, but if you are comparing against the majority of the United States and Canada, this Mexican paradise still takes the cake as being one of the world’s cheapest destinations while still having access to modern amenities and infrastructure.  Read More

A Better Life For Half The Price

Frugal Living Abroad – A Better Life For Half The Price

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It was confusing as hell when I was at TBEX a few weeks back, because there happen to be two of us named Tim who live in Mexico. Myself, obviously, but for those of you weren’t aware of it, renowned travel writer Tim Leffel also happens to be based out of Mexico, although he’s far more north and west of where we are in Palenque. He currently lives in Guanajuato with his family.

Along with being in the industry for well over a decade and authoring the World’s Cheapest Destinations book as well as running the associated blog, he also heads Perceptive Travel. Earlier in 2013, he and I got to talking in emails and Skype about a few things related to living in Mexico and the whole “cutting your cost of living into a fraction of what it was in the U.S.”.  Read More


Where Are We Now?

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If you are a long-term reader, you know that there have been some changes in 2014, largely due to Cristina’s unexpected surgery and the loss of our baby at the end of March. If you are a short-term reader, you’ll do a quick scan and notice that there hasn’t been a lot of blog content forthcoming from Marginal Boundaries in the past few months. So what have we been up to?  Read More

The town church

Life In Mexico – A Day In Chable, Tabasco

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When it comes to Mexico, there are a few places that every foreigner has heard of. Cancun. Playa del Carmen. Mexico City. Puerto Vallerta. Veracruz. Monterrey. Jalisco. The list goes on, but only includes the major cities and tourist hotspots designed to bring in the vacationer crowd with their dollars and euros ready to be spent on a vacation.

The pueblos of Mexico, the beating heart of the country where the hardest working people live, are lost to the wayside. Forgotten in a haze of Americanized tourist resorts whose sole purpose is to generate cash for the already wealthy. One such pueblo sits on the banks of the mighty Usumacinta River on the border of Tabasco and Chiapas. A place called Chable. Read More


Life on the Road – A Day in the Real Mexico

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For long-term readers, ever since the end of March we (Cris and myself) have made some changes in the direction of the blog. We put the Playa del Carmen guidebook on hold due to her emergency surgery, and since then we decided to head back to her home town in the state of Tabasco of Mexico, just on the border with Chiapas on the Usumasinta River. Until the end of August, 2014, I’ll be bouncing back and forth between Playa del Carmen and here as well as Palenque.

The following is a closer look at local life in the heart of rural Mexico. Read More