The Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort in Cancun, Mexico

The Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort in Cancun, Mexico

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If there’s one thing that comes up at the top of my list as far as “necessities” go as a full-time traveler, blogger and social media addict, it’s accommodations. And not just a place to sleep. But an actual “business class” environment where I can comfortably and reliably get my work done while on the road…without having to worry about spotty Internet, cold-water showers and loud, drunken tourists stumbling into a shared dormitory at three in the morning.

When it comes to living in Cancun, we’ve seen the range of accommodations and covered numerous places here at the blog. But none of them have been as professional as the Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort in Cancun, Mexico, where I was invited as part of the TBEX travel blog convention in September of 2014. Read More

Bay of Akumal

Akumal: The Jewel of the Riviera Maya

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The Riviera Maya is a stretch of coastline packed with some of the most incredible sights you’ll ever see in your travels. From cenotes to stretches of white sand, from snorkeling and scuba diving off the coast of Cozumel to exploring the Maya ruins and diving into the turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean, there are few places in the world that boast this much natural beauty.

While Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Cancun all have their resorts and beach-front property and restaurants and beyond, there are still a few places in the area which haven’t fallen to over-development, and thus still retain their coastal charm. One of our favorites is the sleepy pueblo of Akumal, just south of Playa del Carmen on the highway to Tulum. Read More

Playa Fundadores

Playas en Playa Del Carmen: Fundadores

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Hay un montón de buena información que existe en la Riviera Maya, y es hora de que empecemos a añadir nuestro punto de vista único a las cosas. Por ahora, es el momento de continuar con nuestras series “Playas en”, simplemente sustituido por nuestro nuevo hogar! Estamos empezando con la playa principal de Playa del Carmen, conocida como Playa Fundadores (o a veces Playa Piñatas). Read More

Playa Fundadores

Beaches in Playa del Carmen: Playa Fundadores

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There’s a lot of good information out there on the Riviera Maya, and it’s time for us to start adding our unique point of view to things. For now, it’s time to continue our “Beaches in” series, simply substituted for our new home! We’re starting off with the primary beach in Playa del Carmen, known as Playa Fundadores (or sometimes Playa Piñatas).   Read More

Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Beaches In Cancun – Puerto Morelos

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Welcome to the Beaches In Cancun series from Marginal Boundaries. We explore some of the best beaches in and around the city, ranging from the busy strip of the Hotel Zone to the hidden stretches of sand that only the locals know about. You can’t visit the heart of the Mexican Caribbean without spending some time on the beach, and we’re here to explore not only the favorite tourist hangouts, but also share some of our own best-kept secret locations.

This week’s installment focuses on one of our favorite stretches of beach just south of Cancun, in a sleepy little fishing village known as Puerto Morelos. Read More