The Food Domination Continues

The Food Domination Continues

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The focus for August and September has been food, food, and more food. Between the Foodie’s Guide to Cancun episodes we’ve been filming, and the pilot episode of Cristina’s upcoming cookbook project, we’ve also been involved in a variety of other food-related projects here in Cancun, not the least of which was the most recent Yelp Food Porn Festival. Where Cris promptly snagged a 2nd place position with her Cochinita Pibil photo from our recent shoot at Restaurante LabnaRead More

Sina Suites - Cancun, Mexico

Sina Suites in Cancun, Mexico

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As a general rule, the Hotel Zone of Cancun is filled with all-inclusive resorts, ranging from the smaller places with only a hundred or so rooms, up to the mega-resorts with 800+, 12 restaurants, 10 pools, and a sprawl that isn’t much different than a city dropped onto the beach. However, away from all the hustle and bustle of the main tourist strip are quiet areas, such as the Pok Ta Pok residential sprawl alongside the golf course. Quietly located on the back side of the lagoon, with eastern views out over the mega-resort skyline, you’ll find numerous townhouse, condo, and suite-style properties with much smaller offerings, more tranquil environments such as what is offered at Sina Suites.  Read More

Our New Home In Cancun, Mexico

Our New Home In Cancun

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When we left Cancun at the beginning of 2014, we had a pretty firm plan in mind: go to Playa del Carmen, do another guidebook there, and spend another couple of years in the Riviera Maya before looking beyond. But after Cristina’s unexpected emergency surgery in early 2014, everything was turned upside down and we had to write off the bulk of 2014 and completely change our plans.  Read More

Moving To Cancun

Moving To Cancun, Mexico

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It’s one thing to visit Cancun, Mexico while on a vacation, for Spring Break, or even for a staycation or gap year. But it’s something else to live here, on the ground, with a residency visa and all the rights that come along with it, like free entrance to museums and national parks, as well as the right to open up a bank account – something tourists can’t do. But before you make the move, there’s a few things you should know about living in Cancun long-term, so that you can plan your move and avoid any hair-pulling moments.  Read More

Renting Apartments In Cancun

Renting Apartments In Cancun

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When it comes to living in Cancun there are a variety of options as far as accommodations go. You can choose to go as high-end as you want, living the high life in the all-inclusive accommodations and resorts that line the beaches of the Riviera Maya. Or, you can opt to live a more frugal lifestyle like the average Mexican, renting fully-furnished apartments for a middle-class rate. Read More