The Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort in Cancun, Mexico

The Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort in Cancun, Mexico

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If there’s one thing that comes up at the top of my list as far as “necessities” go as a full-time traveler, blogger and social media addict, it’s accommodations. And not just a place to sleep. But an actual “business class” environment where I can comfortably and reliably get my work done while on the road…without having to worry about spotty Internet, cold-water showers and loud, drunken tourists stumbling into a shared dormitory at three in the morning.

When it comes to living in Cancun, we’ve seen the range of accommodations and covered numerous places here at the blog. But none of them have been as professional as the Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort in Cancun, Mexico, where I was invited as part of the TBEX travel blog convention in September of 2014. Read More

Living In Cancun, Mexico

Secrets To Living In Cancun

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From the white sandy beaches and the turquoise waters to the hedonism of Spring Break, Cancun is known around the world as the number one coastal destination in Mexico, and one of the most popular beach destinations on the planet. And while most people only come here for vacation, some of us choose to live here full-time. If you think you have what it takes to make this Mexican paradise your home, read on. Read More

Cost of Living Cancun 2014

Cost of Living In Cancun 2014 Edition

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Every year, we like to include an updated version of our spend while living in Cancun. It helps to keep in mind that compared to the average Mexican we are living above the “average” cost of living, but if you are comparing against the majority of the United States and Canada, this Mexican paradise still takes the cake as being one of the world’s cheapest destinations while still having access to modern amenities and infrastructure.  Read More

Top 10 Things To Do In Cancun

Top Ten Things To Do In Cancun During TBEX North America 2014

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When it comes to Cancun, there is a plethora of information on the Internet about what you should see or do while here in the heart of Mexico’s Riviera Maya. However, most of what you will find falls short because it only deals with one specific part of the town: the Hotel Zone and tourist strip.

If you plan on being in town for the TBEX North America 2014 event, there’s a few things you need to take the time to see, experience and taste while visiting the place that made our home from 2010 until early 2014. Without further ado, take a look at our top 10 things to see and do while here in Cancun.  Read More

Tacos Rigo

Taquerías en Cancun – Tacos Rigo

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Bienvenido a la serie Tacos en Cancún de Marginal Boundaries. Exploramos algunos de los mejores restaurantes de tacos en toda la ciudad, que van desde los vendedores ambulantes y puestos de tacos hasta restaurantes y los lugares de entrega. No se puede visitar el corazón del Caribe Mexicano sin probar algo de la comida de verdad, y estamos aquí para llevarte a nuestros restaurantes favoritos en el corazón de la Riviera Maya, muy lejos de la zona hotelera Americanizado con su salsa aguada, carne y hamburguesas.

La entrega de esta semana se centra en uno de nuestros restaurantes favoritos de tacos en la ciudad, Tacos Rigo. Read More