Language, Economic Growth and Getting Left Behind

Global Expansion

Every day the news in the United States, the United Kingdom and much of Western Europe is filled with economic woe. Hundreds of millions of unemployed. People living in tent cities, hostels, on the streets, in their cars. Families whose parents have lost their jobs, spent their entire life savings over the course of two to five years while attempting to support their families as they send out dozens…hundreds…thousands…of job applications, all to no avail. Third world living conditions in what were previously first-world countries.

But while the vast majority of sheeple are still soundly asleep, plugged into the warm hum of The Matrix that keeps them lulled in their state of perpetual slumber, there are those around the world who are wide awake, unplugged and aware of the current changes that are spreading around the planet like a giant wave crashing over shore after shore.

They are The Enlightened. The Modern Elite. The Socially Aware. Individuals who have seen the light and understand that we no longer live in a world of closed borders and solitary languages, but instead an entire planet where news and information is shared freely and instantly across the entire globe in an instant. People who speak more than one language, who call more than one country home, and who understand that in order to thrive in the current era they must adapt and maintain a global viewpoint as opposed to the prehistoric concept of “local”.

A perfect example of this can be found in Europe, where the latest wave of European migrants are riding the digital wave and completely avoiding the so-called global crisis. The “how” is easy; they speak multiple languages and rather than sit around and pray and hope for a change that will never come, they are instead choosing to take matters into their own hands and migrate to countries where economies are booming, where opportunities are limitless, and where they can go from barely surviving to financially and creatively thriving.

Spain is a singular example. With one of the worst unemployment rates in the world (an estimated 60% of the population are without jobs), its people are proving to be incredibly resilient despite it all. Rather than rely on the broken system and hope for change from their government, the people are taking actions into their own hands and using their unlimited human potential to create their own realities as entrepreneurs.

They have unlocked their true human potential and are exploring the wonder and amazement that is The Human Experience, unplugged and completely aware of their surroundings and the universal truths that each and every one of us holds within our DNA and our very souls: unlimited possibilities and infinite realities.

Instead of waiting around for federal handouts and sending in thousands of job applications to no avail, modern entrepreneurs are choosing to ride the digital wave of social evolution. They are learning other languages. Moving to other countries. Getting out of the brick-and-mortar industries and into the virtual world of websites and social media platforms and cloud funding and beyond.

On the flip side of the coin, you can take a close look at those who are still plugged into The Matrix, like this poor sap who went from a $75,000 a year job as an architect to making less than poverty-level income (according to U.S. standards). Not only has he been barely scrapping after seeing his salary reduced to a mere pittance in comparison to before, he has also submitted more than 3,000 resumes in a period of three years, which have only generated a half-dozen interviews…and a mere $10,000 per year for his efforts.

Despite all of this, despite thousands of hours of wasted effort, despite three years of watching his life savings drain away, despite year after year of the door being slammed in his face due to the fact that the jobs he once thrived on no longer exist, he still prefers to stay plugged into The Matrix and live within the illusion. According to the article, he still feels like a job could be just around the corner. “I don’t want to lose who I am and what I spent all these years and all this money to become and just fade into oblivion.” 

He cannot comprehend the changes the world is going through because he refuses to unplug, to wake up, to enlighten himself.

In other words, he would rather continue with the illusion rather than face the reality that the world as he knew it has changed. Jobs which existed even as short of a time period as five years ago are no longer available…nor are they coming back. Degrees that you would pay $150,000 and six years of your life ten years ago to obtain not only no longer matter…they can be taught and earned completely for free online. They have been eradicated by the rapidly evolving social changes on Planet Earth, of The Human Experience.

Meanwhile, the social evolution continues. The world still turns, and more and more people are waking up to the reality of modern living. They are learning new languages.  Moving to other countries. Migrating and going where the jobs are so that they can put food on the table and not only “just get by”, but actually live successful lives with high-paying jobs, either in countries as expats where the opportunities exist, or on their own as digital entrepreneurs utilizing social media and passive income to create their own realities.

American InequalityRather than fall prey to the propaganda of government-controlled media outlets which attempt to paint developing countries as “poverty stricken cesspools”, the modern generation of globally-aware and enlightened human beings are using the power of The Internet and free information to educate themselves to the fact that third world living conditions now only exist in the previously first world countries, and the previously scoffed-at developing countries now have the greatest levels of equality and opportunity on a global scale.

Countries like Uruguay, Venezuela, El Salvador, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Chile, Argentina and Costa Rica are far ahead of The West in terms of equality and modern living conditions. High speed Internet exists in all corners of the globe. First class medical care exists in every country, and rather than charge you an arm and a leg, it is incredibly affordable, such as in Mexico where a mid-30s adult can get universal healthcare for around $300 USD a year…with unlimited prescription medication to boot.

Or countries like Bulgaria, where pregnant mothers receive a staggering 410 days of maternity leave paid out at 90% salary, and can claim an additional year at a reduced salary. That’s in comparison to the U.S. where you are lucky if you can get 12 weeks off work to care for your newborn child, and good luck trying to get that time paid for by your company.

You have a choice. You can choose to live in poverty. You can choose to send in thousands of job applications over a period of time that lasts for years. You can choose to spend your life savings waiting and “hoping” that your government will swoop in and save you and provide you with jobs and wealth and opportunity. And you will continue to go deeper and deeper into debt, sink deeper and deeper into depression and eventually end up like my brother, who committed suicide in December of 2012 at the age of 30 after a similar period of three years of unemployment and thousands of job applications sent in to no avail.

Or you can choose to be one of the modern elite. The expats of the world who are choosing to learn additional languages, move to other countries and seek out opportunities where they exist. Rather than rely on false hope for a return to the “good old days”, you can unplug from The Matrix and realize that Earth has changed. We are no longer living in a world where college degrees and credit system and resumes matter. Instead, we are living in a world where opportunities abound for those who are willing to stretch out their hand and take them. People who decide to swim rather than sink. People who decide they want to live life on their own terms as opposed to waiting for something that is never going to happen.

Create your own reality. The entire planet is your home, your playground, your sandbox. Explore. Discover. Live.

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About T.W. Anderson

T.W. Anderson is the founder of the Marginal Boundaries brand. He is the writer, editor, videographer, photographer, and social media guru alongside Cristina Barrios, the other half of the brand. In his spare time, he is the creative director of the Saga of Lucimia, a forthcoming MMORPG from Stormhaven Studios, LLC.


  • Choo choo, Bram :)

    Indeed; there are numerous social changes occurring on a global scale, and people can either get on board…or get left behind.

    It’s rather personal for me, having watched my brother go through the worst-case scenario. He, like the man mentioned in the article, was unemployed for 3+ years, sent in thousands of job applications, and literally watched his life savings and everything he owned go up in smoke. He was penniless and living back with our parents when he decided to make his way to the next world…and it’s a scenario I see happening more and more frequently with the people who are still plugged in, refusing to change with the times because they think that “the old ways” are going to magically come back.

    Good to know you are on board with the rest of us :)

  • Wow, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. You’re so right about all of this. The world IS changing, and it’s changing fast. I, too, believe it’s really important not to miss this train, hop on and shake off all the things you were taught to believe.

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