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I have a deep-rooted passion for Italian food. Especially pastas. And when it comes to pizza I’m a prickly beast who is very specific in my requirements for what I consider the “perfect” pizza. Thin crust, crunchy, hand-picked vegetables, good cheese and none of that “drench the pizza in tomato sauce” bullshit that Americans call “pizza”.

So it came as a pleasant surprise to me when Cris and I began a new initiative recently to start adding more mainland Cancun content for the website, YouTube and social media channels that we stumbled across an out-of-the-way family-owned Italian restaurant by the name of Assaggiare here on the outskirts of Centro.

Launched in August of 2012, Assaggiare is a small Italian restaurant ran by Miguel Bolaños and his mother. It’s a bit off the beaten path on the Western side of centro along Avenida Kabah,  north of Home Depot up near Avenida Chichen Itza. If you are coming from Centro, you can walk 20 – 30 minutes or you can catch a taxi…or there are numerous buses which run up Kabah and Chichen Itza.

All of the recipes are Miguel’s own variation on Italian classics, including the home-made bread, and most of them have a slightly “sweet” twist. Such as the half of pizza Cristina ordered, which was the Toscana: grapes, romero, honey and nuts. Meanwhile, my half was the Rockefeller; shrimp, bacon, spinach, garlic and cream…a smoky nomilicious combination.

fresh, home-made bread at Assaggiare

Cris eating bread

Toscana and Rockefeller combo at Assaggiare

They have over two dozen pizzas to choose from, over two dozen pastas to choose from (with or without cream, for those who like dry pasta dishes), as well as several different salads…plus you can make your own combinations of pizza or pasta. On top of that, they also have several “classic” pizzas, such as the Margarita, a simple mushroom pizza, salami pizza, pepperoni or a Hawaiian.

But seriously, if you are going to sit down at a gourmet restaurant and enjoy a slice of pie, why would you settle for the tired, old “classics” when you could have something specially designed by the house chef?

Everything is prepared in-house, but it’s not simply the food that makes this restaurant unique. A lot of time and passion has gone into creating the perfect atmosphere for the restaurant, and there are a number of classic, old-fashioned and antique decorations that give Assaggiare’s a “homey” feel.

Such as the antique telephone that they use to take orders. Or the old-fashioned sewing machine in the corner, the heavy clothing irons that once adorned stove-tops, the paintings on the wall, the shutters and the clock, and beyond.

Cris at Assaggiare

antique decorations

old fashioned shutters


Miguel at Assaggiare

On top of all that, you can tell this is a passion-driven restaurant by the simple fact that Miguel does most of the work himself. He does employ a friend of his, and his mother helps out, but he’s the primary chef, the primary delivery guy who heads out on the scooter, as well as the one making the majority of purchases at the local markets. So if you are one of those who, like us, appreciate supporting local businesses (and thus living like a local), this place should definitely be on your radar.

For more information you can check out their Facebook page, which is regularly updated with discounts, menu items, photos of their food and beyond. They are open every day from 2 p.m. until 11 p.m., and they do offer delivery services (although within reason; they won’t make a delivery to the Hotel Zone, for example, and if you are on the far north or south end of the city and only want to order a small salad or pizza it’s not really worth their time and the gas for the scooter to make such a delivery).

But in our opinion, you should visit and take in the atmosphere, as well as enjoy a pizza that is hot, fresh and prepared with passion. Check out our video below, and consider visiting Assaggiare the next time you are in the mood for some gourmet Italian pasta or pizza!

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  • Ahahahaha Jennifer, I feel the same way about “hamburgers and steaks”. While I’ll never turn a gourmet steak/burger down, as a general rule I *never* order them while I’m out because I grew up on a farm with steaks and burgers and the traditional Midwest food…no desire to eat that kind of stuff when I’m out and about because I grew up with it.

  • Jennifer says:

    Looks great! After years living in Italy now I completely rule out eating Italian when I travel. Hopefully some day I’ll miss Italian cuisine…

  • Fusion food FTW, Dale!

    It also makes for a more interesting meal out. You can only do pizza so many times before you’ve had the same thing multiple times, so it’s nice to see something different…and delicious!

  • Dale says:

    I love people who love to play around with classic dishes, in fact, there’s a chef from my hometown (that Franca briefly worked for) who’s a master of combining the classics of his Italian heritage with a modern style and spin, and they work so well.

  • Rock on, Manuel:

    Their exact address/phone # is on the Facebook page, linked at the bottom of the article, plus the Google map has the location marked.

    Great place for sure, you’ll enjoy it!

  • Manuel says:

    Exact address and phone number, Tim? I’ll drop by the restaurant and have a bite this winter. I’m all set to visit Mexico this January.

  • Heheheh, Laura :) The mainland is indeed an amazing city…which is why we keep publishing so many articles on what we know and enjoy at the local level. Most people only know about the Americanized Hotel Zone, so it’s a refreshing change of pace to be able to see the “real Cancun”. We are happy you enjoy it :) And if you do show up, beers are on us!

  • The more I read about Cancun on your blog, the more I want to pack and get there. This place seems to have anything I need and more… :)

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