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onward and upward

Finishing 2014 And Into 2015: Onwards and Upwards

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After the downtime between Cristina’s surgery March 2014 and our travel blog boot camp in August, and then TBEX in September, I’m happy to say that we are back with a vengeance. The rest of 2014 is already filled out, and 2015 is starting to fill up as well.

One of the biggest changes coming to the blog will be happening in early 2015, but in order to prepare our readers for that eventuality, I’m going to give you a run-down of what we have been leading up to. Read More

TBEX 2014 Cancun, Mexico

TBEX 2014 Cancun, Mexico – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

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There are high points in your career that anyone who does something long enough will recognize as turning points. Completing a difficult degree. Earning your first promotion. Landing that dream job. Earning your first published piece with a respected publishing outlet. Landing your first sponsored gig…and then getting to the point where your sponsorships continue to roll in. And for those of you who are in the blogging world, getting an invite to speak at the TBEX travel blog convention is up there on the list.

So for me, personally, it was a definite high point of the year to receive my invitation to speak at the convention as one of the featured speakers covering a session on day one just after the opening keynote on advanced Facebook marketing and management tactics, as well as being able to cover a pair of blog posts for them on Cancun beyond the Hotel Zone and its numerous parks and plazas. But even though the event itself was another notch on the belt in an already adventure-packed series of gigs and opportunities in the past few years, I would be remiss if I didn’t cover both sides of the coin. Read More

Dream In Reality

Playing It Forward

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It’s important in life to build up as many professional working relationships as possible. That’s why I don’t believe in burning bridges, and I don’t subscribe to the point of view that I’ll ever reach a point where I am more important than another person. Instead, I believe in mutually beneficial working relationships with everyone, and the karmic view of business where everyone is a potential ally because you never know when that person can help you out in return somewhere further down the road.

Last year, when Marginal Boundaries arrived at the point where I could no longer manage it on my own, I reached out for a personal assistant and found a brilliant guy who has since spent the last year working for us via the personal recommendation of Ryan and Angela from Jets Like Taxis. His name is Devlin Madden-Perdue of Dream In Reality and 1 Life 2 Bags, and as his year-long term comes to a close with us, it’s time to play it forward and help him on the next step of his journey. Read More


Why Blog Comments Are Worthless

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“Blasphemy!” I hear the multitudes cry, so entrenched and and trained are they to believe that the number of comments on a blog post has any significance whatsoever beyond the “feel good” factor of vanity traffic. “A post with 50 comments is proof that it is more popular than a post with only 5 comments or only zero”.

That, my dear readers, is the myth of popularity. The true nature of engagement is far more complex, and relies on many more components than merely the number of readers (most of whom are fellow bloggers and armchair readers and not your target audience of paying customers) leaving random one-sentence fluff replies simply to build up their layer of backlinks to their own sites.  Read More

The Midgame Logo

themidgame: An Extra Sponsorship Tool For Bloggers

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In the world of sponsorships and advertising, there has long been a standard used to determine some of your statistics. Google Analytics is a start, as are Alexa and Klout, to some degree, plus you can show screenshots to your potential clients/partners. But the problem is that often times you are relying on screenshots for certain stats, unless you are in real-time doing screen-shares and the like, which leads to people sometimes doubting whether or not they are “real or Photoshopped”.

For those of you who read medical and trade journals, the only way to determine if something is credible is to have it reviewed by your peers. This is the ultimate form of social proof as far as your material goes, and when something is peer-reviewed by a third party, it takes on credibility.

So imagine my delight when I discovered themidgame roughly a year ago: a third-party review source that not only tracks and displays your social media and website statistics in real-time, but also serves as a middleman helping broker deals between sponsors and bloggers. Read More