Market 28 in Cancun

Market 28 in Cancun

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At first glance it appears to be nothing more than a tourist trap. Souvenirs, knick-knacks, vendors yelling at you in broken English, “My friend, my friend, come look, my prices are cheap, almost free!“, the occasional American-raised Mexican with a flawless Californian accent and perfect English, “Hey man, what you need? You looking to score some cheap weed? Need a taxi, a tour somewhere?“, cat-calls and over-priced restaurants all combine for the typical “fish in a barrel” paradise that hawkers and street merchants love. Ripe tourists, fat and full of cash, and an endless sea of them flowing in.

But there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Market 28, and if you are a discerning traveler who can look past the obvious tourist distractions and “gringo” vibe of the place, there is a thriving Mexican¬†mercado underneath the glitz and glam, one where you can get a good deal on clothing, hand-crafted goods, cigars, jewelry and more…but only if you know how to navigate the maze of poachers.

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Hostel Haina in Cancun, Mexico

Hostels in Cancun – Hostal Haina

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Most people are only familiar with the Hotel Zone of Cancun as far as accommodations go, but the reality is that the mainland has numerous other options to choose from, especially in the heart of the downtown district known as Centro. While I’m not traditionally a hostel man myself, I fell in love with Hostal Haina when Cristina and I went there last week, and we just had to include it in our list of recommended places to book here in the heart of the city. Read More

Las Caracoles Bed and Breakfast in Cancun

Bed and Breakfast in Cancun – Los Caracoles

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Any time you roll into a new town for the first time you have to make a choice. Are you going to opt for a hotel, hostel, bed and breakfast or a long-term apartment? If you are only in Cancun for a few days to a week, the apartment option doesn’t work. While hotels can provide the working professional with the solitude they need, not everyone enjoys the hotel vibe. For those of you who enjoy the comforts of home and the cozy atmosphere of a good BnB where the owners are friendly and the creature comforts make you feel like you never left home, one of the best options in the city is Los Caracoles. Read More

Parque Las Palapas in Cancun

Parque Las Palapas In Cancun

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No matter where you go throughout Mexico you will find one central fixture in every town, village, pueblo and city: the city center, or square, otherwise known as the z√≥calo. They range in size depending on the size of the surrounding metropolitan sprawl, but there is one thing that all of these central squares have in common: they are the focal point of all things cultural and entertainment-related for the city, and they usually have a church on the premises as well. With Cancun in particular the Parque Las Palapas is the most happening place on the mainland, but you’ll only discover it once you get out of the Westernized Hotel Zone. Read More

Hotel Kin Mayab

Hotels in Cancun – Kin Mayab

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When it comes to traveling, there’s hotels, hostels and apartments to choose from. And while those of my long-term readers know that I almost always err on the side of apartments, there are sometimes moments when I am only going to be in a town for a day or three at most. In these cases, I almost always choose hotels above generic hostels, simply for the fact that I can’t stand cold-water showers, bug-ridden beds and spotty wi-fi.

I’m a working professional, not a backpacker, and professionals require a certain level of service in order to ensure that their businesses stay afloat, no matter where in the world they happen to be. And if you are going to be in downtown Cancun for a few days and need a solid hotel to hang up your hat, you could do worse than the Hotel Kin Mayab. Read More