Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Las Calles de Playa del Carmen: Nuestro Nuevo Hogar

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Oficialmente hemos estado viviendo en nuestra nueva casa desde el 16 de febrero. Técnicamente este post esta retrasado un poco, ya que Cris y yo hemos estado sufriendo de bronquitis de la nada (no habia tenido en más de 10 años personalmente, fue una fiebre de 104 el jueves y todavía los dos tenemos tos) y el blog pasó a segundo plano hasta que pudimos obtener “funcionalidad” de nuevo. Pero ahora, sin más preámbulos, aquí está un post corto con respecto a nuestro nuevo hogar.

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Playa del Carmen, Mexico

The Streets of Playa del Carmen: Our New Home

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We have officially been living in our new home since February 16th, a little over a week ago as of this publication. Technically this post is a few days behind schedule, but Cris and I have been suffering from bronchitis out of nowhere ( haven’t had it in over 10 years personally; was running a 104 fever on Thursday and we still both have the racking coughs) and the blog took a back seat until we were able to get “functional” again. But now, without further ado, here’s a short blog post regarding our new home. Read More

Mexican Vendors

Mexico: A Culture of Entrepreneurs

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Ingenuity. Entrepreneurship. Imagination. Creativity.

Call it what you will, but at the root of every successful business is a key component that relates to the ability to work outside of the system and think outside of the box. From multimillion dollar businesses all the way down to local street vendors, it all comes down to your willpower and ability to push yourself to the limits, rather than be defined by a 40-hour work week and punching a time card while cruising by on the bare minimum following someone else’s guidelines. Read More

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Moving On…To Playa Del Carmen

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Every destination has a story to tell, and those of you who have been following our blog for long enough know that I walk the immersion travel path. That is, I prefer to stay in a single destination for months to years, immersing myself in the culture and exploring all there is as opposed to just backpacking through for a week or two and skim-reading. And now that we’ve finished up with Cancun, it’s time to start exploring the next spot on the map: Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Read More

Doors in Valladolid, Mexico

Day Trip to Valladolid, Mexico

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One of the best aspects of living long-term on the ground in any given destination is that you have more opportunities to explore the surrounding countryside and villages in comparison to backpackers who are just flitting through for a two or three-night stay. It’s the difference between skim-reading the novel and actually reading the whole thing cover to cover.

While I’ve been to Valladolid in the past, our recent day trip over the holidays with Ryan and Angela from Jets Like Taxis along with Devlin from Dream In Reality was jam-packed with over 500 photos shot, 2 hours of video footage filmed (including two Life on the Road entries for International Travel Writers), a massive lunch and two naps in between (there and back again via ADO). The following post is our adventure for the day, complete with a Viajes Con Cristina episode to boot :) Read More