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Boots On The Ground In Palenque, Mexico

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As some of you know, at the end of March Cristina had to undergo an emergency surgery due to an ectopic pregnancy. Our immediate plans for a new guidebook in Playa del Carmen, Mexico were put on hold and after a month of recuperating here  she headed back home to spend the summer with her family in a more restive support environment while I remained behind in PDC to keep the blog  and the day to day business going.

They live just down the road from Palenque, Chiapas, and after a few adjustments to our schedule to accommodate, it’s where we’ll be hosting our travel blog boot camp August 24th – 29th of 2014. So when I went back to visit last week and check in on her recuperation, we took some time to head into Palenque to scout more locations for the retreat. Read More

El Bufalo Ranch and Restaurant

El Bufalo Restaurant and Ranch in Tabasco, Mexico

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Every once in a while during your travels you find yourself at the right place, at the right time, without any intention of actually being there. Chance, pure and simple. And such was the moment when one of Cristina’s life-long friends invited us out to his budding ranch during our recent trip to her hometown in Tabasco, where she is resting up after her surgery in March of 2014.  Read More


Life on the Road – A Day in the Real Mexico

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For long-term readers, ever since the end of March we (Cris and myself) have made some changes in the direction of the blog. We put the Playa del Carmen guidebook on hold due to her emergency surgery, and since then we decided to head back to her home town in the state of Tabasco of Mexico, just on the border with Chiapas on the Usumasinta River. Until the end of August, 2014, I’ll be bouncing back and forth between Playa del Carmen and here as well as Palenque.

The following is a closer look at local life in the heart of rural Mexico. Read More

Tulum, Mexico

The Maya Ruins of Tulum, Mexico

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No visit to the Riviera Maya would be complete without checking the world-famous ruins of Tulum. And while I’ve been there multiple times in the past few years of being based out of this part of the world, I haven’t yet written anything about them despite the numerous photo albums we have. When Cris’ sister came to town at the end of March of 2014 while she was recuperating from her surgery, I finally took the time to shoot some video of the park, and get around to writing a blog post about one of the easiest day-trips you can take while visiting this part of Mexico. Read More