Post-TBEX Tours In Chiapas and Tabasco, Mexico

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For those of you who who have been following along, you know that Cris and I are going to be attending TBEX North America 2014 in Cancun, Mexico. If you haven’t been following along, well there you go! I’m also an official speaker at the convention, where I’ll be covering an Advanced Facebook session on long-term campaigns, strategies and marketing tactics for maximizing your traffic and income.

And while there are a ton of awesome Riviera Maya activities set up for before and after TBEX for those who want to attend as part of the official series of events, Cristina and I are kicking off our featured tours in Tabasco and Chiapas with a series of post-TBEX adventure tours for those of you who plan on sticking around for a week or few after the convention and exploring the depths of Mexico beyond Cancun. Read More

Top 10 Things To Do In Cancun

Top Ten Things To Do In Cancun During TBEX North America 2014

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When it comes to Cancun, there is a plethora of information on the Internet about what you should see or do while here in the heart of Mexico’s Riviera Maya. However, most of what you will find falls short because it only deals with one specific part of the town: the Hotel Zone and tourist strip.

If you plan on being in town for the TBEX North America 2014 event, there’s a few things you need to take the time to see, experience and taste while visiting the place that made our home from 2010 until early 2014. Without further ado, take a look at our top 10 things to see and do while here in Cancun.  Read More

Bay of Akumal

Akumal: The Jewel of the Riviera Maya

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The Riviera Maya is a stretch of coastline packed with some of the most incredible sights you’ll ever see in your travels. From cenotes to stretches of white sand, from snorkeling and scuba diving off the coast of Cozumel to exploring the Maya ruins and diving into the turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean, there are few places in the world that boast this much natural beauty.

While Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Cancun all have their resorts and beach-front property and restaurants and beyond, there are still a few places in the area which haven’t fallen to over-development, and thus still retain their coastal charm. One of our favorites is the sleepy pueblo of Akumal, just south of Playa del Carmen on the highway to Tulum. Read More

The town church

Life In Mexico – A Day In Chable, Tabasco

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When it comes to Mexico, there are a few places that every foreigner has heard of. Cancun. Playa del Carmen. Mexico City. Puerto Vallerta. Veracruz. Monterrey. Jalisco. The list goes on, but only includes the major cities and tourist hotspots designed to bring in the vacationer crowd with their dollars and euros ready to be spent on a vacation.

The pueblos of Mexico, the beating heart of the country where the hardest working people live, are lost to the wayside. Forgotten in a haze of Americanized tourist resorts whose sole purpose is to generate cash for the already wealthy. One such pueblo sits on the banks of the mighty Usumacinta River on the border of Tabasco and Chiapas. A place called Chable. Read More

us at hotel nututan

Boots On The Ground In Palenque, Mexico

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As some of you know, at the end of March Cristina had to undergo an emergency surgery due to an ectopic pregnancy. Our immediate plans for a new guidebook in Playa del Carmen, Mexico were put on hold and after a month of recuperating here  she headed back home to spend the summer with her family in a more restive support environment while I remained behind in PDC to keep the blog  and the day to day business going.

They live just down the road from Palenque, Chiapas, and after a few adjustments to our schedule to accommodate, it’s where we’ll be hosting our travel blog boot camp August 24th – 29th of 2014. So when I went back to visit last week and check in on her recuperation, we took some time to head into Palenque to scout more locations for the retreat. Read More