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Avoiding The Gringo Tax – Local Living In Mexico

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There are two ways to live in Mexico: like a local, and like a foreigner. The first will see you enjoying the bounties of a low cost of living and an easy pace of life (throw away your watch!), while the latter will see you getting ripped off at every turn, paying three to four times the actual cost of everything, otherwise known as paying the “gringo tax”.

Thankfully, there’s an easy way to avoid getting nailed by these fees, and it simply requires you to shed your fear of foreign cultures, learn a little bit of Spanish, and dare to cross over to the world of immersion travel. Read More

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Playas en Playa Del Carmen: Fundadores

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Hay un montón de buena información que existe en la Riviera Maya, y es hora de que empecemos a añadir nuestro punto de vista único a las cosas. Por ahora, es el momento de continuar con nuestras series “Playas en”, simplemente sustituido por nuestro nuevo hogar! Estamos empezando con la playa principal de Playa del Carmen, conocida como Playa Fundadores (o a veces Playa Piñatas). Read More

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Adventures In Frugal Living Abroad – The Cost of Living in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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Welcome to our ongoing series, Adventures In Frugal Living Abroad. Our goal, above and beyond finding some of the cheapest destinations on the planet, is to show you how to get the  most for your dollar while living in developing countries and cities around the world. Follow along as we uncover the bottom-dollar prices and local secrets that help your money go as far as possible.  Read More

Playa Fundadores

Beaches in Playa del Carmen: Playa Fundadores

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There’s a lot of good information out there on the Riviera Maya, and it’s time for us to start adding our unique point of view to things. For now, it’s time to continue our “Beaches in” series, simply substituted for our new home! We’re starting off with the primary beach in Playa del Carmen, known as Playa Fundadores (or sometimes Playa Piñatas).   Read More

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Mexico: A Culture of Entrepreneurs

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Ingenuity. Entrepreneurship. Imagination. Creativity.

Call it what you will, but at the root of every successful business is a key component that relates to the ability to work outside of the system and think outside of the box. From multimillion dollar businesses all the way down to local street vendors, it all comes down to your willpower and ability to push yourself to the limits, rather than be defined by a 40-hour work week and punching a time card while cruising by on the bare minimum following someone else’s guidelines. Read More