Riviera Maya Suites - Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Riviera Maya Suites in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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While we occasionally stay in hotels and resorts as part of our work with the Marginal Boundaries brand, our personal preference when it comes to the type of places we stay when it’s just the two of us on our own is generally some type of an apartment or condo rental. And while the type of accommodation is important to us, location is also key. However, one of the “must haves” for us is always Internet, because we work online. Thankfully, the Riviera Maya Suites in downtown Playa del Carmen hits all the right notes, especially when it comes to an uber-fast fiberoptic connection for those of us who need connectivity.  Read More

Posada Mariposa - Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Posada Mariposa in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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Continuing in our tradition of sharing some of our favorite places in the Riviera Maya with our readers, we’re taking a closer look at some of the more unique bed-and-breakfasts, boutiques, and suites available in the region. Up next is another boutique hotel in downtown Playa del Carmen, located on the famous 5th Avenue in the heart of the tourist strip, just a few minutes away from the beach. It’s possibly one of the most beautiful and unique boutiques in PDC: the Posada MariposaRead More

Moving to Cancun, Mexico

Moving To Cancun, Mexico

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It’s one thing to visit Cancun, Mexico while on a vacation, for Spring Break, or even for a staycation or gap year. But it’s something else to live here, on the ground, with a residency visa and all the rights that come along with it, like free entrance to museums and national parks, as well as the right to open up a bank account – something tourists can’t do. But before you make the move, there’s a few things you should know about living in Cancun long-term, so that you can plan your move and avoid any hair-pulling moments.  Read More

Traveling In Mexico - ADO Buses Part Two

Traveling In Mexico – ADO Buses Part Two

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While public and private road transportation might be a think of nightmares in the United States, in many other countries around the world it is comfortable, reliable and affordable. Such as with ADO, the transportation company whose buses serve the central and eastern parts of Mexico from Mexico City to Cancun.

Cristina was born and raised in Mexico and has used ADO hundreds of times during her life, while I myself have been using them extensively since first arriving in the country in 2010. If you want to travel in this part of Mexico in style and comfort without flying, this is the only bus company to work with.  Read More

Renting Apartments In Cancun

Renting Apartments In Cancun

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When it comes to living in Cancun there are a variety of options as far as accommodations go. You can choose to go as high-end as you want, living the high life in the all-inclusive accommodations and resorts that line the beaches of the Riviera Maya. Or, you can opt to live a more frugal lifestyle like the average Mexican, renting fully-furnished apartments for a middle-class rate. Read More