Gourmet Italian In Cancun – Assaggiare

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I have a deep-rooted passion for Italian food. Especially pastas. And when it comes to pizza I’m a prickly beast who is very specific in my requirements for what I consider the “perfect” pizza. Thin crust, crunchy, hand-picked vegetables, good cheese and none of that “drench the pizza in tomato sauce” bullshit that Americans call “pizza”.

So it came as a pleasant surprise to me when Cris and I began a new initiative recently to start adding more mainland Cancun content for the website, YouTube and social media channels that we stumbled across an out-of-the-way family-owned Italian restaurant by the name of Assaggiare here on the outskirts of Centro. Read More

Catrina in Cancun

Día de los Muertos in Cancun

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In many countries, especially the Western parts of the world, Halloween is nothing more than a one-night stand. A chance for kids to dress up and obtain mounds of candy that will send them on a sugar-fueled rage for the following week and contribute to the ongoing obesity epidemic. For adults, it’s a chance for costume parties and alcohol-fueled all-nighters. But in some countries the Day of the Dead has more spiritual roots, and if you happen to be spending time in Cancun, Mexico you’ll find yourself drawn in by the week-long festivities that take place before and after the actual  Día de los Muertos. Read More

Cris in Parque Urbano Kabah

Parque Urbano Kabah in Cancun

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Beyond the towering spires of the high-rise resorts and the crystalline beaches of the Hotel Zone that Cancun is known for lies the mainland city. Forgotten behind the glamorous ritz and spam of Spring Break and all-inclusive hotel chains, the city boasts a modern infrastructure, a safe and inviting Mexican culture, and a cost of living that is affordable for most digital nomads. On top of that, there are dozens of plazas, movie theaters, local parks and green areas such as the Urban Park Kabah, otherwise known in Spanish as the Parque Urbano Kabah.  Read More

Pasearte in Cancun, Mexico

Pasearte in Cancun

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One of my favorite aspects about living on the ground for extended periods of time in any destination is the simple fact you can uncover so much more. As I’ve said in the past, backpacking is akin to skim-reading a book; you’ll only pick up the bare minimum as you blast your way through. But when you read the whole novel cover to cover, when you read line for line, you pick up all the nuances of the characters and the story. On top of which, the more times you read the book, the more you uncover with every read-through.

One such cultural discovery that most tourists never uncover is a small artistic gathering of locals living here on the mainland in Cancun, Mexico, known as Pasearte.  Read More

Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Beaches In Cancun – Puerto Morelos

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Welcome to the Beaches In Cancun series from Marginal Boundaries. We explore some of the best beaches in and around the city, ranging from the busy strip of the Hotel Zone to the hidden stretches of sand that only the locals know about. You can’t visit the heart of the Mexican Caribbean without spending some time on the beach, and we’re here to explore not only the favorite tourist hangouts, but also share some of our own best-kept secret locations.

This week’s installment focuses on one of our favorite stretches of beach just south of Cancun, in a sleepy little fishing village known as Puerto Morelos. Read More