Traveling In Mexico – ADO Buses Part One

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Traveling In Mexico With ADO Buses Part One

While public and private road transportation might be horrid in the United States, in many other countries around the world it is comfortable, reliable and affordable. Such as with ADO, the transportation company whose buses serve the central and eastern parts of Mexico from Mexico City to Cancun.

Cristina was born and raised in Mexico and has used ADO hundreds of times during her life, while I myself have been using them extensively since first arriving in the country in 2010. If you want to travel in this part of Mexico in style and comfort without flying, this is the only bus company to work with. 

The first misconception you’ll want to throw out the window right away is that ADO is a third class or even a second class transportation company. They are not. All of their buses are first class, clean, reliable, and the company is one of the most professional you will ever work with in Latin America.

ADO not only operates its own buses, but also those of several other partners under the umbrella of the company; as a general rule, these other bus lines are cheaper than ADO and have older buses, but they still have to adhere to company standards to be included within the group.

And when I say first class, let me rephrase: there are three version of first class within ADO. The regular buses (already the top tier), the GL option, and then the Platino option.

This episode talks about the mistaken belief that ADO is a first-come, first-served type of bus line. It’s not. Your tickets clearly show your seat, you can book your tickets weeks and months in advance, you can book them online, and your seat is reserved. Watch the video for the full details (and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for regular updates on life in Mexico, traveling tips, the business of travel blogging series, and Viajes Con Cristina).

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