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Tulum, Mexico

The Maya Ruins of Tulum, Mexico

T.W. Anderson | Mexico | 4 Comments
No visit to the Riviera Maya would be complete without checking the world-famous ruins of Tulum. And while I’ve been there multiple times in the past few years of being...
Cris and Tim

The Scare Of My Life

T.W. Anderson | Mexico | 22 Comments
On the off chance you weren’t keeping up to date on our Facebook page, the last week was a nightmare. It started off on Tuesday afternoon, March 25th. Cristina and...
Mexican Vendors

Avoiding The Gringo Tax – Local Living In Mexico

T.W. Anderson | Live Like a Local | 5 Comments
There are two ways to live in Mexico: like a local, and like a foreigner. The first will see you enjoying the bounties of a low cost of living and...
Playa Fundadores

Playas en Playa Del Carmen: Fundadores

Cristina Barrios | beaches | No Comments
Hay un montón de buena información que existe en la Riviera Maya, y es hora de que empecemos a añadir nuestro punto de vista único a las cosas. Por ahora,...

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