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The Girona Countryside

Resident Bloggers In Costa Brava – The Girona Countryside

T.W. Anderson | Costa Brava | No Comments
When last we wrote about our time in Costa Brava, we had left you with some teasers of the adventures we explored in countryside surrounding Girona. In this blog post,...
Change is in the air

Change Is In The Air

T.W. Anderson | Blogging | 2 Comments
2016. The fifth “official” year that Marginal Boundaries has existed as a brand. And like with all things in life, evolution is part of the growth process. 
Why Budget Travel Is Bullshit

Why Budget Travel Is Bullshit

T.W. Anderson | Blogging | 1 Comment
Budget travel. It’s one of the most powerful buzzwords in the travel industry. And for the vast majority of bloggers and travelers using the word to describe themselves, it’s an...
Costa Brava - Beyond Girona

Resident Bloggers In Costa Brava – Beyond Girona

T.W. Anderson | Costa Brava | 2 Comments
For the months of March, April and May of 2015, Cristina and I were #ResidentBloggers #InCostaBrava working with the Visit Costa Brava folks leading up to TBEX and beyond. In this...

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