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onward and upward

Finishing 2014 And Into 2015: Onwards and Upwards

T.W. Anderson | adventure tours | 2 Comments
After the downtime between Cristina’s surgery March 2014 and our travel blog boot camp in August, and then TBEX in September, I’m happy to say that we are back with...
A Better Life For Half The Price

Frugal Living Abroad – A Better Life For Half The Price

T.W. Anderson | Live Like a Local | 4 Comments
It was confusing as hell when I was at TBEX a few weeks back, because there happen to be two of us named Tim who live in Mexico. Myself, obviously,...
TBEX 2014 Cancun, Mexico

TBEX 2014 Cancun, Mexico – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

T.W. Anderson | Blogging | 36 Comments
There are high points in your career that anyone who does something long enough will recognize as turning points. Completing a difficult degree. Earning your first promotion. Landing that dream...
#travelblogbootcamp day five

Travel Blog Boot Camp in Palenque, Chiapas – Day Five

T.W. Anderson | adventure tours | 4 Comments
The past week was an adventure-packed, back-to-back series of days as part of our adventure tour/travel blog boot camp here in Palenque, Mexico in the beautiful state of Chiapas. From...

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