Sponsored Posts and Advertising

Marginal Boundaries is a global travel brand with an audience of over 15,000 global readers through our website, newsletter and various social media outlets. We have between 1.5 and 3 million views per month between our various social media channels, such as YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, StumbleUpon and Facebook. You can view our full social media profile in our press kit.

We offer sponsored posts as well as advertising space for partners here at Marginal Boundaries. A sidebar banner is 200 x 200 and runs alongside of our blog as well as at the bottom of our newsletter. Sponsored blog posts are posted at the website first, then blasted out to the newsletter and our various social media outlets using both free and paid advertising through StumbleUpon and Facebook targeted ads.

If you are looking to advertise your services or products to a global audience of travelers, bloggers and entrepreneurs, we have a variety of solutions based upon your budget.

Sponsored Blog Posts

All material for the Marginal Boundaries community must be related to travel and tourism, blogging or online entrepreneurship for location independent types, otherwise known as digital nomads. The blog posts must be a minimum of 1,000 words in length, and no more than three backlinks are allowed (one website and two social media links, or three social media links). Anchor text is your choice, or you can use an image with a link attached with your chosen alt tag text. Links are No Follow.

We offer two different types of sponsored posts. The first is where you write the content and then submit it to us for editing and publication. The second version is where you submit your information to us and we write the content for you.

  1. You write the blog post and we edit/publish. $500 USD
  2. We write the blog post and publish. $750 for blog posts up to 1,000 words. If you require something longer, anything beyond 1,000 words is billed out at a €.50 per word rate
What do you get with a sponsored blog post?

First, you get placement on our blog. Our website receives around 10,000 views monthly. More importantly, you get placement in our social media rotation, where we have begween 1.5 and 3 million views monthly between Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and StumbleUpon.

You also receive placement in our newsletter, which goes out to a reader-base that has opted-in for the higher-quality posts that we provide. They have a 25% click-through rate, which means you will be receiving a number of high-value clicks from readers who are genuinely interested in what I am promoting, because they trust me. Consequently, this is why we are so critical of the type of content we allow to show up on our blog as sponsored posts.

Banner Ads

ad_boxesWe offer a number of advertising solutions for banner ads at the blog. These are 200 x 200 sidebar ads which can also be featured in the newsletter (a more targeted audience than the general website viewer since they have opted in) near the footer. Prices are as follows. (note: 200 x 400 only applies to the website and they cost 50  percent more per month to run)

  • Single sidebar advert:

$500 per single month, $450 per month with 3 month contract, and $400 per month with 6 month contract


  • Single newsletter advert:

$750 per single  month, $600 per month with 3 month contract, $500 per month with 6 month contract


  • Sidebar + newsletter advert:

$1,200 per single month, $1,000 per month with 3 month contract, $800 per month with 6 month contract





Contract and Payment

All sponsored posts and advertisements require a singed contract and 100 percent of the fees are due up-front, in full, before blog posts are written, published, or advertisements placed. Payment is due via PayPal.

12 month contracts, as well as contracts paid in advance, receive a 15 percent discount from listed prices.

Contact us for more information.