Here’s a list of some of my favorite blogs and fellow travelers as well as some resources for making a living while traveling abroad.

Wandering Earl – One of many different backpack bloggers. Certainly one of the more prominent, and he’s been on the road for quite some time.

Jets Like Taxis – Great peeps. They design apparel for a living via Smash Transit, we interviewed them here as part of our Secrets of Success series, and they’ve been in Germany, Montenegro, Spain.

Location Independent – Where I first learned of being a digital nomad, right after I moved to Sofia, Bulgaria and started living the life. They aren’t so much nomadic these days, but they have a boat-load of information on the lifestyle at their website. Well worth taking the time to get to know them.

Smart Passive Income While not specifically related to travel, this website is a boon to those of us who work in Internet Marketing and selling online products/managing communities/working with residual income. Pat Flynn is easily my favorite mentor in the digital arena.

Almost Fearless – Another good travel blog.

Perceptive Travel – Tim Leffel headed blog. Good stuff from some of the elite in the industry. A bit arrogant sometimes in their “we are print authors, therefore we are better than bloggers” attitudes, but still high quality content.

Katie Not in Prague – Awesome blog by a trailing spouse, which is a term I had never heard before, but now I totally get it :)

The Barefoot Nomad – This is one of the most kickass blogs on the Internet about being a travel blogging family. Top-notch stuff.

Hektic Travels – Another phenomenal blog ran by a couple blogging their way around the world.

Shock and Orr – More of a photo blog than anything else, great shots.

GoNomad – Great place for overall travel articles, plus they accept pieces from travel experts.

Going Nomadic – Another nomadic backpacker blog. Wow, that sounded generic. It’s not :) Check it out. You’ll see what I mean.

Leave Your Daily Hell – Need I say more? Great minds think alike :)

Runaway Brit – Another solid backpacker/digital nomad blog.

Someday I’ll Be There – Guy from Egypt, working on his location independent/travel dream.

Green Global Travel – A eco-loving couple who focus on global conservation and eco-destinations/travel.

Travel Grapevine – Newer, getting going, but has quality content.

Four Jandals Adventure Travel – Couple of Kiwis abroad. Love their stuff. Adventure travel related.

Travel.Experience.Live. – Bram is Belgian, and he’s got some great stuff going on at his blog.

Disrupting The Rabblement – Niall is a great writer, someone after my own style, and he’s certainly  high up on the list of guys I enjoy reading along with.

Techno Yogi – I actually found out about this cat via Niall’s Facebook page when they were hanging out in Thailand. Great stuff over at his site, especially his series on Living The Video Game: Life Questing.

The Lotus and The Artichoke – Good foods from all around the world. Justin also ran two successful Kickstarter campaigns and is a great guy to follow if you want information on crowdfunding. More importantly, though, his vegan cookbook is hands-down one of the best ones I’ve ever came across and is filled with recipes from his travels around the world.