Devlin Madden-Perdue


Born & raised in the Ukrainian Village neighborhood of Chicago, Devlin comes from an artistic/media household – Mother managed a well-known independent weekly newspaper, his father was an abstract painter, brother a Graffiti artist & musician – it was only time until he drew on their influences.

Initially becoming a hip-hop scratch DJ, he joined forces with his brother, becoming the DJ for his brother’s group The KNOMADZ. From this partnership a passion for design arose as he designed the group’s artwork for show flyers and cd artwork. Later reaching out and working with other local artists for their album & flyer work.

A contemporary designer, he draws from all styles – crafting his own – focusing on clean & simple work. Self-taught in Photoshop & Illustrator he’s always expanding his design knowledge, sharpening his skills. He currently focuses on a wide range of design work, such as web design with a focus on responsive/mobile first design, as well as business logos, infographics and press kits. You can view his portfolio at Dream In Reality.