Google+, Adapting and Planning Ahead

The Business of Travel Blogging – Google+, Adapting, and Planning Ahead

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The latest episode of the podcast is now live, and this time I delve into the importance of planning ahead and having adaptability, while also taking a closer look at the recent success of our Google+ page for the Saga of Lucimia MMORPG our 9-man team is developing, with over 350,000 views in less than a month and rising to the tune of 12-15k a day on average, with a couple of 40k days in there to boot. Come along for the ride as I peel back the science of how to make social media work for you and your brand.  Read More

The Marginal Boundaries Podcast Episode Two - Success With Facebook

The Business of Travel Blogging – Finding Success With Facebook

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The latest episode of the podcast is now up, and this time I delve into how you can find success with Facebook, the world’s most powerful social media platform and one which many travel bloggers hate with a passion because they don’t understand the science behind it or how to use it as part of their content marketing strategy. Come along for the ride as I peel back the science of how to make this social platform work for you and your blog.  Read More

Peeled Away - The Raw Side of Travel Blogging

Peeled Away – The Raw Side of Travel Blogging

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The end result that you, the reader, see upon publication is a polished, honed, crafted and planned piece of content. From the videos to the photos to the subject matter of the blog post in question, nothing is written by chance or upon whim. This is the reality of a professional travel blog; nothing is done without planning in advance. Want to know more? Let’s take a closer look behind the scenes. Read More

Sponsored Travel - Expertise in Social Media Marketing

Sponsored Travel – Social Media Marketing Expertise

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When you look at the Holy Grail of travel blogging, the vast majority of bloggers who have sprung up since around 2012 or so will quote one thing as their primary reason for attempting to work in this profession: sponsored travel. But what many of them fail to realize is that earning sponsorships is a process that takes several years to build up to, and includes building up expertise as an Internet marketer, which directly translates into social media marketing, which is what comes before social media managment. Read More


Introducing The January – June 2015 Interns

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When I first had the idea for the brand boot camps in 2012, I ran a test group of interns through the program for three months. Peter went on to launch his own series of adult websites, while Paulette landed a job at the university where she finished her Masters. Gabe went on to apply it to his music career, launching his own YouTube channel.

Since then, the brand boot camps have been where I spend a good portion of my time, helping others to build up their brands and launch their online careers. But not everyone can afford the price tag of coming to Mexico to train alongside Cris and myself. Devlin was our live-in assistant from June of 2013 until August of 2014, and since then we’ve seen a couple of other interns working with us…which led us to launch the full intern program kicking off in January of 2015 with an international array of seven bloggers. Read More