Traveling In Mexico With ADO Buses Part One

Traveling In Mexico – ADO Buses Part One

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While public and private road transportation might be horrid in the United States, in many other countries around the world it is comfortable, reliable and affordable. Such as with ADO, the transportation company whose buses serve the central and eastern parts of Mexico from Mexico City to Cancun.

Cristina was born and raised in Mexico and has used ADO hundreds of times during her life, while I myself have been using them extensively since first arriving in the country in 2010. If you want to travel in this part of Mexico in style and comfort without flying, this is the only bus company to work with.  Read More

The Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort in Cancun, Mexico

The Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort in Cancun, Mexico

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If there’s one thing that comes up at the top of my list as far as “necessities” go as a full-time traveler, blogger and social media addict, it’s accommodations. And not just a place to sleep. But an actual “business class” environment where I can comfortably and reliably get my work done while on the road…without having to worry about spotty Internet, cold-water showers and loud, drunken tourists stumbling into a shared dormitory at three in the morning.

When it comes to living in Cancun, we’ve seen the range of accommodations and covered numerous places here at the blog. But none of them have been as professional as the Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort in Cancun, Mexico, where I was invited as part of the TBEX travel blog convention in September of 2014. Read More

The business of travel blogging - sponsored travel

The Business of Travel Blogging – Sponsored Travel

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When you look at the vast majority of people who get into travel blogging or have started travel blogs in the last few years (since around 2010), you will notice a trend. They all think that sponsored travel is something that grows on trees and is given out to anyone and everyone and it is generally the sole reason that they start a travel blog: to get free travel.

What they fail to take into consideration is that the vast majority of us who are earning sponsored travel have spent years building up our reputations, our traffic, our businesses, and the personal relationships with travel industry leaders and tourism representatives.

Not to mention we understand the basic principles of professionalism, publishing and marketing that relate to running a business. So with that in mind, consider the following a guide on how to professionally work with DMOs and sponsors within the niche that you have chosen for your blog, how to build up relationships for brand ambassadorships, and how to go from the 99% into the 1% of successful travel bloggers. Read More

Emiliano Zapata, Tabasco, Mexico

Life In Mexico – Emiliano Zapata, Tabasco

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Mexico is a complex country with a variety of people, cultures, cities, towns and pueblos throughout. Part of what we enjoy exploring is the off-the-beaten-path side of things, and our strategy for the rest of 2014 and throughout 2015 is uncovering the sights and sounds of the real Mexico: the content that doesn’t yet exist in the English language database for Google. Places like Emiliano Zapata in Tabasco. Read More

Lemonade Stand Marketing

Lemonade Stand Marketing

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The basics of marketing can be traced back to lessons you learned as a child. And something almost all children in North America can relate to is the concept of a lemonade stand and all the work that goes into it, from preparing the lemonade all the way up to selling it.

But if you want to make money selling juice to your neighbors, there’s a lot more to it than simply slapping up a stand made out of some scrap wood and painting a quick sign. The basics of marketing apply no matter how far back into your childhood you go. Read More