Cristina Barrios

Viajes Con Cristina en Cancun

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Hola a todos! Este es mi primer artículo para Marginal Boundaries, y estoy aquí para presentar mi serie  de YouTube, Viajes con Cristina! Los videos estamos filmadondo en localidades y alrededor de las áreas en las que está de viaje y / o viviendo. Al escribir estas líneas, estamos ubicados fuera de Cancún, México, por lo que los últimos videos son filmados en localidades y alrededor de la Riviera Maya. Siga leyendo para conocer más! Read More

Cristina Barrios

Travels With Cristina in Cancun

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The latest production from Marginal Boundaries features Cristina Barrios as the presenter of our new YouTube series called “Viajes Con Cristina”, or “Travels with Cristina”. The videos are shot on location in and around the areas where we are traveling and/or living. As of this writing, we are based out of Cancun, Mexico, so the latest videos are shot on location in and around The Riviera Maya.

The first video in the series took place at Market 28 here in the downtown/centro area of mainland Cancun. It’s a tourist market, but while the food prices might be a bit high and the vendors a bit aggressive towards foreigners trying to get them to buy trinkets and souvenirs, it’s also a great place to get extremely well-priced silver and jewelry, as well as clothing, bracelets, hand-crafted Maya goods from local Mayas, hammocks and more. Read on for more!  Read More