Introducing The January – June 2015 Interns

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When I first had the idea for the brand boot camps in 2012, I ran a test group of interns through the program for three months. Peter went on to launch his own series of adult websites, while Paulette landed a job at the university where she finished her Masters. Gabe went on to apply it to his music career, launching his own YouTube channel.

Since then, the brand boot camps have been where I spend a good portion of my time, helping others to build up their brands and launch their online careers. But not everyone can afford the price tag of coming to Mexico to train alongside Cris and myself. Devlin was our live-in assistant from June of 2013 until August of 2014, and since then we’ve seen a couple of other interns working with us…which led us to launch the full intern program kicking off in January of 2015 with an international array of seven bloggers. Read More