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Changing Your Operating System

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Last weekend’s presentations on travel blogging and social media went off with such a success that I was able to book us space this upcoming weekend at the Centro de Las Artes del Municipio de Benito Juárez. One of our friends is closely tied to the director of the building, and we were able to book space after the turnout we had last weekend.

Classes in Playa del Carmen are filling up fast, and I’ll be teaching from November 23rd and the two subsequent Saturdays after that for a total of 9 hours across three Saturdays at the Coworking Playa del Carmen office.

This week has been pretty groovy, and I’ve learned a lot about flexibility. More so than in previous weeks/months. Much of this is related to a local business initiative that myself, Devlin and Cris have been working on, connecting with local businesses and working with them on advertising and design projects. But some of my flexibility learning this week has been with my baby, Marginal Boundaries, and realizing that I might be shooting myself in the foot in regards to certain business decisions.

Which leads me to the primary reason for this blog post. I’ve finally listened to some of my friends and trusted business associates and decided to make a change.

We are now accepting purely online attendees for the November 11th through January 31st Destination Freedom brand boot camp. 

But before I get into the details, I want to go into the reasons behind why we made the change. Read More

Christopher Columbus

The Lie of Columbus Day

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As you travel around the world and uncover the alternative histories written by the natives of the countries where events occurred, you always find very different stories than what are written in the textbooks handed down in your country of birth. Many people fail to remember when looking at their national history books that history is always written in favor of the conquerors. In short, winners write the history books, and the losers fade away into the annals of time. Thankfully, there are still written records and other places you can look to discover the truth behind a story, and while some things fade away into history, others can still be researched.

Something I’ve long reminded people of here at Marginal Boundaries is to always look beyond the surface. Never accept at face value what someone is telling you is the “real story”, especially in a day and age when we can readily head to the Internet to verify a news story or a source. Nowhere is this more important than when regarding the blatant disregard of cultural values and the celebration of genocide and atrocities (because Thanksgiving isn’t really about being thankful at all, considering our forefathers stripped the country away from the natives who were there in the first place and then set about celebrating the fact that they were the winners).

The following infographic put together by The Oatmeal is a brilliant reminder that we should always question what we are told, and use our own judgement as to which holidays we want to consider celebratory or not. Because Christopher Columbus, much like many other celebrated historical figures, was far from the hero that the history books make him out to be. Read More