We offer a standard 50% commission on all books sold from the Marginal Boundaries immersion travel store.

For every guide you sell, you get to keep 50% of the profits.  It really is that simple. All you need is some type of online platform, such as a blog, website, Facebook page, YouTube channel or other place where you can advertise the very same guides that you utilize during your travels. Or, if you are just an entrepreneurial sort who enjoys having multiple streams of income, you can set yourself up to be an affiliate guru selling products for a wide variety of clients and making a percentage on all the various products.

Regardless which route you choose, we’d be honored if you would choose to promote Marginal Boundaries and help us help you make additional income to fund your location independent lifestyle.

Here’s how it works. Simply head on over to E-Junkie and sign up to be an affiliate today by clicking on the “join our affiliate program” link below. Follow the instructions to register and set up your account (PayPal is required), and you can either choose to use a text-based referral link via the instructions at E-Junkie, or you can use one of the images of the book of your choice on this page. Simply right-click on one of the book images, save it to your computer and upload it to your own website/blog with the referral code and accompanying links from E-Junkie.

Affiliate commissions are paid out a month in arrears. For example, any sales made in January are paid out in February via PayPal. E-Junkie sends out a mass invoice at the first of the month and all payments are sent to affiliates within a week of the invoice being delivered.

So, for starters, Join our Affiliate Program! 

Go to the Affiliates section of E-Junkie. Log in with your information.

Click on “Get Affiliate Code”.

Select merchant “Marginal Boundaries” from the drop-down menu.

Click “Get Affiliate Code”.

You will then see “Get Product Specific Affiliate Link”. Choose your favorite (you can sell all of our guides if you like, although you will need to generate separate hop links for each book you want to sell, so that you can set up separate links and/or image-driven ads) Live Like a Local guide from the drop–down. Click “Get Affiliate Code”.

Use the hop link code on the next page to create a text link for your website or imbed with one of the images provided below. (If you are unfamiliar with how to create an image with HTML to make the pictures clickable, simply replace the “hop link” section with the actual hop link code provide for you by EJunkie and the “image link” section with the actual image address provided by clicking on one of the pictures below.

Use the following code with the proper text substituted, and then place it anywhere on your website where you want the ads to appear. You can make adjustments to the size of the image based on your own personal preferences for your website by saving it to your computer and adjusting it there, or using your website’s image editor.

<a href=”hop link”><img src=”image link”></img></a>

Here are some common banners that you can use. If you need something custom-made for your website, just give me a shout and I’ll whip something up.

The images below can be downloaded at full size simply by right-clicking on an image and opening it up in another tab; from there you can see the full size image to download and adjust as you see fit.

The Expat Guidebook

Beyond Borders - The Social Revolution

Content Writing 101

Mexico - Gone Native

Cancun Guide

Sofia, Bulgaria travel guide

Bogota, Colombia travel guide