Travel Blog Boot Camp in Palenque, Mexico: January 12 – 16, 2015

Travel Blog Boot Camp in Palenque, Mexico

There are few places in the world which manage to stir my heart-strings as much as Chiapas, Mexico. There is a reason Cristina and I are looking to put down permanent roots somewhere in the state, and there is a reason why we are hosting our travel blog boot camps in Palenque, and running our adventure tours here in the same region.

With registration now open for the next boot camp in Palenque from January 12th – 16th 2015, we wanted to share with you some of the highlights of the region in and around Palenque, and what you will see when you come down to join us for our week-long course on blogging, brand-building, social media management, Internet marketing and beyond. 


Cris in Palenque

Maya carving

ruins of Palenque

Cris and Pakal

Maya ruinTemple of Inscriptions at Palenques

Our group in the jungles near Palenque

Group entering the ruins of Palenque

Group in Palenque

tower at the Palenque Palace

Amelia and massive tree

Maya carvings at Palenque

#travelblogbootcamp day 3

kids fishing in secret pond at Agua Azul

camping gear at Agua Azul

natural beauty at Agua Azul

kids playing at Agua Azul

the waterfalls of Agua Azul

Cris and Amelia at Agua Azul

girl selling bananas

Tim at Misol Ha

Cris at the river

#travelblogbootcamp day four

hidden ruins at Yaxchilan

Cris at the Maya ruins of Yaxchilan

Cris and Amelia in the jungle at Yaxchilan

Tim and Cris on the boat down the Usumacinta River

The River Usumacinta

pyramid paintings at Bonampak

A fallen tree on the Usumacinta River

Las Lanchas en el rio Usumacinta

#travelblogbootcamp day five

lone musicMusicians at El Panchanians at Don Muchos

dinner at Don Muchos

Registration is currently open for our next travel blog boot camp in Palenque, Mexico. Space is limited to 10 individuals in total and we’ve already had a few signups! The dates are January 12th until the 16th. You can register your spot between now and the end of November; cut-off is December 1st. For more information, visit the page here or click the image below.

TBBC 2015

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