Milking The Cash Cow

cash cow

In the modern day and age, content is king.

You hear that phrase from every internet marketer out there in the vastness of digital space. To many, it reeks of sales pitch and causes most readers or viewers to turn tail in a frenzied panic the moment they see it uttered. But there is a truth behind those three words, a truth that the vast majority of 99%ers are completely bypassing.

Be Everywhere

A blog is just a blog. A podcast is just a podcast. A YouTube video is just a YouTube video. Facebook is just Facebook. Google+ is just Google+. Twitter is just Twitter. An eBook is just an eBook. A one-legged man hidden in the dark of the park humping a blowup doll is still just a one-legged man humping a doll in the darkness of night.

Alone, these platforms all have their own unique, individual strengths. A blog, podcast, YouTube channel, social media platform and product can all have loyal followers, fans, readers and supporters. Each has its own unique audience and it’s very possible to make a healthy living utilizing just one of the outlets.

Likewise, each one of these networks is only one fraction of the overall earning potential that you have at your disposal. Because here’s the thing: any monkey with a keyboard and a camera can start a WordPress blog or a Tumblr or a Facebook account and start producing banana content for a given outlet. And they’ll certainly find other monkeys who want to follow along because monkeys like bananas. But the real power of the Internet and social media lies in the fact that you are not limited to simply one form of content creation.

A Cord of Many Strands

Content is king. And just as a cow’s udder has four different teats from which you can draw milk, there are multiple income streams you need to take advantage of to maximize your profits and ensure that your content is being served to more than just a single audience. Not just bananas…but apples, oranges, cheese, steak, wine and sweet, golden milk from the udder of the cash cow.

Be Everywhere


A blog is just a blog. A Facebook page is just a Facebook page. Alone, they are weak, a single element, fractured and solitary. But when combined together as a complete and total media package that delivers your content to each and every available stream, you can ensure that your message, your content, your products and your services are reaching every potential customer.

Content is king. And if you want to maximize your profits you must be sharing that content with as many audiences as possible. If you write a blog, that’s great. Now add products, such as eBooks or courses or consulting. Add packages from micro-transactions all the way up to large-scale products. Produce videos for every blog post you write. Produce podcasts based upon your blog content. Share everything via newsletters and have upsales for your loyal customers. Have affiliate products available. Layer upon layer of content. Conquer the major social media networks and ensure that your coverage is complete. Dominate the global marketplace. Rule your territory as a king rules his kingdom, by being in the public eye of every person.

Four Are Better Than One

The cash cow’s golden udder has four tits for you to take advantage of. If you only ever try to squeeze one of them, you’ll only ever have a single, limited stream of milk for your bucket. But if you massage all four of those beauties at the same time, you drain the udder of milk each time the cow comes into the barn.

It’s also important to ensure that your cash cow has plenty of high-output food to eat every time it comes into the barn to be milked, so that you can maximize the amount of milk you can potentially receive. Investments into tools that can help your business grow, such as high-quality backlinking services, article marketing, press releases, a good camera and recording equipment, a personal assistant (or two, or three), a web developer to take you beyond the free stages into a professionally designed platform.

Or classes so that you can learn how to do it in your own, or mentors to study under. I have a subscription to Lynda which I absolutely love, for example, and I’m also signed up to dozens of newsletters and subscription services, such as Unique Article Wizard, and I continually buy and read other people’s eBooks, products, videos and more…all so that I can stay on top of my game and ensure that my content and my business are operating at the highest level.

Also don’t forget the importance of growing your herd beyond just a single cow. A single udder with four tits is great…but it’s even better when you have four cows and then fifteen and then twenty and fifty and beyond. Facebook. Google+. Twitter. Blog. YouTube. StumbleUpon. RSS. Newsletter. Guest posts. Interviews. Consultations. Services. Affiliates. Additional websites. More products. More services. More packages. Advertising revenue. Sponsors. Investors.

Content is king…and the more content you have available, the larger your kingdom, your herd, and thus your rewards.

 Are you squeezing all four tits at the same time? 

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