“We Are The Gods Now”

The Universe

This is the phrase uttered by Peter Weyland (played by Guy Pearce) in the viral videos that came before Prometheus, by Ridley Scott. Powerful words that evoke a sense of universal understanding, of confidence, of knowledge. And a reflection of the current reality we are living in.

All of the various religions and beliefs around the world have known and talked about the end of the era for the past countless centuries. It’s the cycle, passed down for generations. And beyond, to infinity. Whether you talk about Atlantis reborn, Heaven on Earth, the arrival of the ancients, the Rapture or any of the many various versions told in the texts, they all agree that we are moving into a time of limitless human potential, where realities are created purely through will and desire, where life and potential are infinite.

I see, in technology, the understanding and realization of our true potential as conscious beings. Not as a means of accessing some special power or by adapting the nature of our genes to be enhanced persay, but because the understanding of the laws of nature allow us true mastery of the universe. “God”, “The All”, “Allah”…there are many different names for The Universe, but it is very much in all of us, right there in our genetic core, embedded in our DNA, down to our molecular structure with its atoms and vibrations and structure that is no different than what is on a universal scale with tiny planets orbiting tiny suns in a massive, endless, infinite array of possibilities.

With freedom of information comes the ability to share, to experience, to explore, to unlock the secrets of the universe alongside our fellow men and women. This is a powerful time of living. A time of change. A time of rapid advancement. Newtonian physics? Out the window. Just as the flat Earth theories were thrown out the window when humanity’s understanding included planets.

We now know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the “code”. We can see the replication on a universal scale, all the way down to the tiniest atom in our bodies; everything repeats. The Golden Ratio. The Fibonacci Sequence. A indelible mark left in the fabric of the universe which continues on into infinity in either direction. A signature.

I Was Here.

Scientists are rapidly advancing with this knowledge at their disposal, discovering along the way. In the video, he talks about the advancement of human technology. Fire. Gunpowder. The light bulb. Early men were slow to understand  crude at implementing their discoveries,  their methods unrefined. But with the advent of the 20th century, things began to change.

Automobiles. Airplanes. Telephone. Computers. Internet. Faster and faster. Onward and upward. Human ingenuity knows no bounds, for we are the children of the universe: infinite in our potential for expansion and growth.

Then the 21st century hit and our understanding and growth have exponentially increased at every turn. Leaps and bounds are happening within a matter of months now, rather than decades apart. Just as the Mayans predicted with their endless cycles of compounded and sped-up cycles as things progressively begin to vibrate faster and faster and faster until we reach the point where we hit the infinite possibility stage and move into the great beyond, the infinite universe.

With the power of free information on a global scale, with global communication, comes the ability to advance the entire race forward at the same time. No more “my country versus your country”. No more nationalist beliefs holding people back from working side by side over a misguided notion that because someone was born somewhere else they are inferior. No more 99% versus 1%. No more reliance on a system of control telling you how to think, how to work, how to live. There is only the Human Experience as the entire planet works together to achieve the same goals.

As we break through the final date marked in the calendars and rough prophecies of religions and spiritual texts and cultural beliefs around the world, realize that we are now entering into The Golden Age, the 1,000 years, the Heaven on Earth, the Great Beyond. We have conquered technology. We are mastering science. We are exploring the universal truths of vibration and genetic code and DNA structuring and virtual realities that are in essence a reflection of our own virtual nature, holographs within a universal vibration, learning as we go.

The use of social media, websites, digital media and online resources are only scratching the surface in terms of what we are capable of. Bio and nano tech are in use, today. Organs can be grown in a lab. Hormones and other treatments extend life, give fuller hair, add sexual enhancement for the geriatric population, help us live longer. Our understanding of plants has created a virtually-disease-free living condition for those who choose to follow the path. Artificial intelligence has been created, is evolving, through the use of Siri and Kinect and beyond.

The combination of technology with our understanding of the symbiosis of life on Planet Earth and the importance of sustainability and working together with the planet, has led to our better understanding of the nature of it all at a molecular level. This is the reason so many countries and people around the world are coming together over climate change and sustainability, because we know, on a planet-wide basis, that these topics aren’t political in nature: they are the universe letting us know that we aren’t just living on a rock in space.

Instead, we are living on a living, breathing planet that requires us to be in symbiosis for the best results. Through that symbiosis, through that adapting of our own nature to match the vibrations of the planet, of the universe as a whole, we enhance our lives as human beings. As we adapt nature to our own lives through science and technology and greater understanding, we advance.

We are living in a time of infinite possibilities. That is what the new era represents. A time of change. A time of growth. With our understanding of the universal truths, we realize that we don’t have to do things they way they have been done before. The credit system or the banking system or the so-called global crisis are nothing more than peripheral. Our focus is on the future, on the new way of doing things, on the global consciousness of the entire planet working towards common goals and expanding our knowledge of science and technology to unlock the rest of the mysteries of the universe.

We have the ability to create infinite realities merely through thought and will. To create something in a digital space and have that extend outwards into the physical realm. We understand, finally, the symbiotic nature of it all, and the planet is moving away from capitalist and selfish systems of personal gratification and into a global community of sharing, networking and outward expansion and understanding.

As we pass the Winter Solstice of 2012, the time prophesied by the Mayas and the Hopis and other religions as the end of the previous era, groups and cultures around the world, realize that this is a time of amazing healing, potential and change. A time of infinite possibilities.

The journey is far from over, my friends. The best is certainly yet to come.

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